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My dog had skin issues and was so picky about his food and treats.  The staff at Pet Food Warehouse listened to me and made some great suggestions. Now, he's not only happy at mealtime, his skin looks great too. Thanks, Pet Food Warehouse!

Loving Dog Owner


We are a family owned local business. 

It's a big store, but not a chain.



Pet Pal cats

Our cat room has Pet Pal cats in residence. 

Come visit.

Pet Food Warehouse has such 

knowledgeable staff!

Providing top-notch animal products isn't just what we do -- it's what we love!

We are more of a department store for your pet than just a pet store. We don't sell dogs, hamsters, or birds but suggest you check with one of the shelters or adoption agencies for these companions.  We do sell tropical and marine fish, crickets and super worms  and we have cats for adoptions (Pet Pal's Animal Shelter).

Our cat room is roughly 12 x 15 and is the purr-fect spot for cats to luxuriously lounge while waiting to be adopted. Amenities include several pieces of cat furniture, lots of toys, seating so people can spend time getting to know the cats or just to visit. One of the best parts of the cat room is a high window ledge for the cats to keep an eye on things outside.   

Pet Pal's cat room.

fun cat toys

call us at: 727-521-6191