Official TB Rays Watch Party  

Thursday,   Oct. 10     Game time 7 pm

Vinoy Park

Come early for all the fun at the Ray's Watch Party (instead of the Movies in the Park). 

We will be there so please stop by and get some free dog treats and a very special coupon that will only be available there.  

call us at: 727-521-6191

Grain or no-grain?  Dog food and the “grain-free” debate.

Dry dog and cat foods for the most part include a carbohydrate along with the chosen meat to make a kibble.  Here at PFW = the brands we carry do not have corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or by-products.

The dog and cat foods we do carry are either,
1.    grain inclusive = using either rice, oats, barley or spelt, or
2.    grain-free = using either white or sweet potato, peas, legumes, chickpeas or lentils.

This summer the FDA published a report about a possible connection with grain-free dog food and a type of heart disease in dogs called dilated cardiomyopathy or DCM.  (go to  Reading the reports has been interesting not to mention how interesting the motivation behind it is in the first place – that’s a story unto itself.

The Dog Food Advisor has a really good article that answers a lot of questions and presents information in a logical format.  Read it at – here’s a couple of points    1. The study is inconclusive (as the study itself states) 2.  there have been no recalls.  3.  The assertation that grain-free dog food will cause DCM has no scientific merit at this time.  Claims likes this deserve making informed decisions not based on propaganda or non-evidence-based claims that might jeopardize a dog’s health by misguiding pet parents. 

For now, do your research, ask questions, stop in to see and go through all the reports and articles we’ve put together.  Too bad they haven’t started a study to see why some companies add sugar, use by-products and think that artificial colors are OK to put in our pet’s foods.  Our best advice - read ingredient panels, focus on the recipe not advertising and stay informed. 

Nail Trimming Clinic        

Sunday, November 3rd

1 - 3 pm

Farley Pet Care is St. Pete's trusted pet concierge owned by Veterinary Nurse, Erica.  The first clinics have been busy and customer's are very happy with the nail trim experience for their pet. Erica and her team will be back at our store on the first Sunday each month from 1 to 3 pm.  Nail trims are just $10 per pet (cats too).