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Hard to believe but the move actually happened over three (very long) days.  At least most everything is moved, now the fine tuning and finding out where everything is. 

The first few days have been hectic unpacking and finding a home for everything.  Please bear with us, as we settle in.  

We will celebrate with a Grand Opening at the end of August.

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We Moved!

About Us

call us at: 727-521-6191


Pet Foods 


We ensure you have

great options for your pet.


the enjoyment 

of animals

from treats to toys -

safe, healthy and

of course fun.

So Much More . . .

From dog life jackets and car seats to ferret tunnels and bird cages. 

Tropical Fish & Marine Fish

We will have fish soon, probably next week, as soon as the new fish units are set.


We're passionate about animals and strive to offer the best products possible.


Pet Food Warehouse is a full line, pet supply store in St. Petersburg, Fl. One of our greatest assets is our terrific staff and we look forward to helping you. Providing the best for animals is a rewarding job, and we take it very seriously.


At Pet Food Warehouse, we'll only offer selections of high-standard foods, treats, and other products for your pet. We know value is important too, we are very competitive with our prices.   

We have a whole bunch of pet and people things that you won't find anywhere else.  Come and get acquainted with us today!



So much more


for other pets too, not just dogs and cats

birds, rabbits, ferrets,

and more.